Blended Learning

I have just come across the idea of Blended learning. I love when I learn new names for systems or things that I know but didn’t know was a thing (if that makes sense). A great description of what blended learning is can be found in the image below.
This website contains more information on how you can begin your own Blended Practices. This is a resource I wanted to retain for when I am teaching in the near future.

More on the ICT debate, less on the panic

My last two posts were worlds a part which is kind of indicative of how my brain is operating right now but I just could not let go of the subject matter about the current ICT debate in NSW and at least it is taking my focus off pressing the panic button which may send my world into a complete state of flux, but enough about that.

I was delving further into the ICTENSW site (ICT Educators of NSW and came across another interesting post, a speech actually discussing the merits of teaching kids code in schools.

I thought I would post this for anyone else interested in the discussion that may accidentally stumble on this page.


Panic Stations.

I’m trying to suppress the panic but it isn’t working.

Panic button by star5112, on Flickr
I have never felt so disorganised with study. I am usually the super organised one with assignments completed long before due dates but this time around I am not that person. Many forces have been working against me, illness, family and work commitments and things are not working out as neatly as the normally do.
I like this little guide on how not to let study stress get to you. The problem is most of the handy tips require time and effort I just do not have.
Back to it now.
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The ICT debate in schools

I was interested in the recent debate concerning the teaching of computer language, code and web design in schools and went researching.

This article  written by Leanne Cameron from ICTE NSW site was interesting. If anything it emphasizes the issues when politicians become involved in directing curriculum (much rhetoric before any action). But the article is very interesting and made the issue much clearer to me. The article describes the following question that was put to the NSW Education minister.

“Given that Australian tech companies and start-ups are reporting a chronic lack of local skilled graduates, and other States are progressing with a new digital technologies curriculum, when will New South Wales schools move beyond the general ICT General Capabilities focus and implement this new curriculum?”

While I live in Queensland, my children go to school in Queensland and I will most likely teach in Queensland, this resonated with me. How much ICT is too much ICT in classrooms? or What sort of ICT should we be focusing on in the classrooms? The article talks about teaching our kids more than how to knock out a power point or how to use word processing but rather teaching website and software design and how to use “computational thinking to solve real world problems”.

My eldest son has just, today in fact, finished an ICT Tafe course which he has studied alongside his final years at school. It included web design and other tech things that were beyond my understanding. It is like second nature to our children in their technology saturated world. The move to study these ICT skills in schools seems like a natural progression for our education system.

In fact, sadly, it seems that our education system is playing catchup, being reactive rather than proactive.

Lightbulbs by goldberg, on Flickr
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Finished prac and onto my next challenges

My first opportunity to post a blog since I finished prac. It has been a whirlwind of family, work and study commitments and it is not finished yet I’m afraid.

Prac finished very satisfyingly with a great report from my mentor. It was nice to finish on a high with the lessons over the last couple of days going well with the kids enjoying themselves and I hope learning something along the way. I will miss the little class of five that I had. I was also blessed to work with some of the most profesional educators I have come across so a great experience all round.

Now I have some major challenges as I finalise the three assignments I have due over the next week. I am feeling completely exhausted and deflated so challenge it will be.

Enough of a whinge, I have another post to post that may be a little more interesting.


We are all in this together… Sounds like a song.

A great song from Ben Lee form a few years ago (have a listen to it), and it comes to mind when I read the blogs of other students who along with me are completely and utterly overwhelmed with everything we have to do studywise right now.

Sandra sums it up nicely when she describes everything she needs to get done over the next few weeks. Similarly, I have my last week of prac with its accompanying lesson plans, two assignments due the week after prac, are both unfinished, and the EDC3100 one which has been barely started. I wouldn’t be stressing so much if I had the long weekend but we have a work weekend away for my husbands work so no study will occur then.

I am not sleeping and experiencing other nasty side effects from stress that are not helping the cause.


I’m sick and tired…. no I mean really. I am sick and I am tired.

I had a student tell me today that I should be home.

I am thinking that is where I should have been all week as I have had about the worst head cold ever. I have had a couple of instances, and yes while I was teaching, where I have coughed and sneezed at the same time and I can’t see straight for ages afterwards. Seriously, my eyes well up and I can’t focus. Seriously embarrassing. But I am keeping on going as I know I have to get my prac finished on the scheduled time. And like most of my fellow students doing prac I wont be stopping over the weekend as I have assignments due and lessons to plan.

Anyway, wanted to have a whinge and a vent. Googled stress busters and found this site. I’d like to think I will follow the advice on the site but knowing me I will keep going on as usual.